16 Jul

The Way I’ll Remember This

Working“There either is or is not, that’s the way things are. The colour of the day. The way it felt to be a child. The saltwater on your sunburnt legs. Sometimes the water is yellow, sometimes it’s red. But what colour it may be in memory, depends on the day. I’m not going to tell you the story the way it happened. I’m going to tell it the way I remember it.”
― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

When asked about my switch to app development, I tailor the story to the audience. I tell romantics that I needed a free hobby after buying an engagement ring, go-getters that I needed activities after law school, sports fans that a condensed NBA schedule allowed me to code and watch, lawyers of how I applied to tech after dreading my firm job, and other developers of the epiphany that I could do this as a career.

That’s the way I remember it. The sensations. Feeling powerful as a magician after a tutorial, when a blue box spun to my touch – or did I adjust the box color to red? Stopping on a sidewalk to download my very own app from the App Store – or was that earlier, when the app was approved? The white-knuckle, sleep-deprived frustration when I couldn’t manage to pass data between screens – how’d I find the answer and celebrate? Marveling at the smooth spike in downloads after a generous blogger reviewed one of my apps – were there only a handful of downloads?

Fortunately, there’s no end to the magic. In June, at WWDC 2014, Apple unveiled iOS 8. The company showed a new programming language to try – Swift. Easier 3D game development with SceneKit. A way to sync up your users with background data in the cloud. HealthKit, which might revolutionize the way people track their nutrition and medical information. In the next several months, I plan to run through Apple’s Swift book, work on a 3D skydiving game, add reviews and photos to the NYC Hoops app, and slap on an iWatch for the first time to track my sleep patterns. These are exciting times to design, develop, and use apps.

If you’re considering venturing into app development yourself and would like advice, drop us a line. I recapture that excitement every time I listen to clients’ brilliant ideas.