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“I learned by doing a lot of tutorials, rather than by taking a class.”

Photo courtesy of Hackers of NY

Drew had a great conversation and photo session with Steven Chan (from the captivating Hackers of NY blog) about a variety of topics, including working for a large company, starting a small operation, and those moments that make app development the greatest job in the world.

Techli on GlobalHack 1.0
“GlobalHack: The $50,000 Winner Is ‘The Force'” from Techli

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Two Smiths

Recap of the GlobalHack hackathon, a St. Louis design and programming competition held in January 2014. Teams were given 48 hours by sponsor TopOpps to make a software product that used the Salesforce SDK and helped users gauge the likelihood of a sales deal closing. TopOpps promised to offer $50,000 to the weekend’s winner for rights to their work. Powered by copious amounts of coffee and barbeque, the team of Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith and Fouch* made the finals, and put on a good performance, only to lose out to some highly-talented competition. The event was a win for St. Louis, with press and regional industry leaders in attendance.

*Rob is a friend of a Smith cousin, therefore an honorary Smith.

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