Form 14

This unofficial app, presented by the Smith Law Firm, aids users, including Missouri family lawyers, when calculating the values for child support. Users enter form information, and the app does the rest – calculating and preparing a PDF! Forms can then be printed, emailed, or saved for future viewing. Instructions from the state are provided as a courtesy.



See also, a site for the people who create forms for use by self-represented litigants in Family Courts. The site is also a resource for self-represented litigants who want to find approved forms for use in Family Courts.

More information about Form 14, from Missouri:

“Form 14 Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet: The Missouri Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (Form 14) estimates the child support obligation that a court may order a parent to pay toward supporting the child(ren) on a monthly basis. Under Missouri law, there is a rebuttable presumption that the amount of child support, which would result from the use of these guidelines is the correct amount of support to be awarded; however, a court may choose to deviate from the guidelines under certain circumstances. If you have questions regarding the Missouri Child Support Guidelines, you may wish to contact an attorney.”