I have an app idea. Can you help?

Sure, we’re open to hearing about anything you might have in mind. Send us an email or message us via the Contact page.

How expensive is it to make an app? How long does development take?

Like a movie, a blockbuster 3D game can cost upwards of millions of dollars and occupy a large team for months or even years. Apps that don’t require a large, custom and flexible back-end database typically only cost a few thousand dollars. Games often require art and sound designers, and more upfront thinking and discussion, all of which add to the required investment. Our typical projects last six weeks to six months.

What’s a back-end database?

Think of Yelp. Users can browse businesses on a map, see detailed information, and read and post reviews. All of that information resides on massive physical servers, which are interacting with millions of users around the world. That’s what’s known as a back-end, and the mobile app itself is the front-end. So, while the app might seem quite simple, the required architecture, data aggregation, and sorting of information feeding that app drives your cost up. Contrast that with our NYC Hoops Map app, which has basic information on basketball courts around the city. Without a rating system, picture submissions and commenting, it’s much easier and cheaper to develop.

What’s your pricing model? Per hour or flat fee?

Once we’ve set the requirements and drafted wireframes, we’ll estimate the time required. Customary industry rates range from $75 to $125 per hour of development time. When determining a rate, we consider factors like workload, urgency, and subject matter.

Requirements? Wireframes?

Requirements tell what the app will do. Wireframes show how it’ll look. For example, wirerames would show the button color and position, and the requirements would say what that button does. We provide both, along with a project timeline.

I saw on a site that I can get an app made for a few hundred dollars. How can that company charge so little?

Typically, developers who can afford to charge this rate are either overseas or first learning the craft. While it’s true that more and more people are picking up app coding every day, we believe that our precision and craftsmanship separate us from the pack. The journey of taking an app from idea to a place in the App Store can be arduous, requiring broad knowledge and skills, including a sense of design, business know-how, and effective communication. Coding is only one part of the equation.

I like my idea. The problem is that I don’t have any funding. Do you want to partner up for a share of long-term profits?

We typically don’t enter into these types of arrangements. It’s difficult to divide responsibilities, and would be challenging to juggle multiple ventures. That being said, we’re always interested in hearing ideas and can usually provide some friendly, complimentary advice on how to approach investors.

Do you have a formal contract that I could examine?

Sure. Just let us know if you’d like to have the simple one or the lawyer-friendly fourteen-pager.

I’m not near Brooklyn or Saint Louis. Can you still help?

Sure. It helps to meet in person, so if you’d like to video chat, we’re available for that.

I live in the city. Can I buy you a drink and run a few ideas by you?